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Episode 8: The Inviting One

As great philosophers once said, “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.”

8. The Inviting One Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast

The Spice Girls were right! Which is why Ali & Roark are talking all things surrounding meeting the friends. Whether you’ve decided to make the introduction or you’ve been asked to meet your new person’s friends, Ali & Roark are here for you through the entire process. What does it mean to you to meet someone’s friends? How do you make the invitation? And what happens after – like if no one gets along? They read some listener questions and share their own experiences to address these key questions and more!

Want the “meet the friends” text script we share in this episode? Check it out on TikTok or Instagram! You can see all Finding Mr. Height’s text scripts here.

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