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Episode 58: The Dating After Divorce One ft. Desiree Simone

Ali & Roark are joined by Desiree Simone this week to talk about dating after divorce and dating a partner who has kids.

58. The Dating After Divorce One ft. Desiree Simone Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast

As is par for the course, they bite off more than they can chew, and the three mainly discuss dating after divorce. First, Desiree shares her own story. Then, she offers perspective on sharing your divorce story with a new partner, and, if you’re dating someone who is divorced, how to discuss it with them without being invasive.

For the first time in a while Ali and Roark both have first dates lined up this week. Roark’s guy is a blast from the past, while Ali’s unfolds live on air!

Timestamps: Desiree joins for Weird or Nah and Topic Talk at around 23:00

Where to find Desiree: Listen to her podcast Break Bottles, Not Hearts anywhere you listen to podcasts, on Instagram @iamdsimone and on TikTok @_iamdesiree

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