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Episode 42: The First Hot Topics One

Ali & Roark introduce a new episode format this week – Hot Topics.

42. The First Hot Topics One Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast

Rather than focusing on only one topic or covering a whole bunch like a Grab Bag, Hot Topics episodes will thoroughly answer your questions from the Finding Mr. Height Google form. For their first Hot Topics episode, Ali & Roark read a listener’s screenshot and discuss whether she should go out with the guy she’s texting, they answer a question about a guy whose friends secretly spied on their date, and finally they address whether one listener is in a situationship with a guy who is “really busy with work.”

In the updates section, they both discuss how they’re handling communicating with the people they are seeing while home for the holidays.

Timestamps: Weird or Nah and Hot Topics begin at around 25:45

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