Episode 29: The Dating & New York One ft. Jonah Feingold

Ali & Roark are thrilled to welcome Jonah Feingold back on the pod!

29. The Dating & New York One ft. Jonah Feingold Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast

They had the pleasure of watching Dating & New York – Jonah’s debut movie as writer and director – and then getting to chat with him about it. Jonah shares about his creative process, tells an incredible casting story, and discusses rom-com tropes.

Before bringing Jonah on, Roark has a BIG personal update to share with the listeners and Ali continues on her matchmaker dates. Additionally, they weigh in on a couple listener questions: how to find dates who won’t react poorly to personal success; and when calling out a ghoster may not be the right call.

Timestamps: Listener Questions begin at around 29:30; Interview with Jonah begins at around 41:45.

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