Episode 27: The Searching One ft. Jenna Langbaum

Emergency Pod Record Alert!

27. The Searching One ft. Jenna Langbaum Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast

In this week’s episode, not only do Ali & Roark have some exciting personal updates (which even required an emergency recording session to update the updates!), but they also welcome on the amazing Jenna Langbaum, author of Me in Search of You.

Jenna’s book is a unique approach to sharing stories of modern dating. In a collection of short stories, she highlights the complicated emotions and bizarre dating stories we all accumulate as we search for the one. You can find her on Instagram @jennalangbaum and you can find her book anywhere you purchase books!

Timestamps: Interview with Jenna begins at approximately 34:30

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Mentioned This Week
  • Me In Search Of You by Jenna Langbaum. “Dating told through micro fiction. For everyone struggling with dating in the modern age, you are not alone. Author Jenna Langbaum wraps up the personal, and yet often universal, experiences of millennial dating in 200 words or less. Each story shares the blips, the starts and stops, the ebbs and flows of not only dating but the triumphant self-discovery that comes along with it.”

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