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Episode 26: The Negging One

Ali & Roark think you’ll enjoy this podcast only if you’re smart, cool, and can hold a conversation.

26. The Negging One Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast

Did that statement make alarm bells go off? It should, because it’s an example of negging! (And to be clear, we would never say that for real, we love you all!)

This week’s topic is negging: the back-handed compliment aka an insult that unfortunately permeates dating. But first, Ali & Roark start the episode with their updates – including an epic phone-throwing moment on Roark’s part.

Next, they recap the insanity of FBoy Island episodes 4 through 6. Finally, they talk about all the ways negging can appear in dating – from subtle to blatant and from dating profile to within a long-term relationship – and how to be aware of it and avoid those who do it.

Timestamps: FBoy Island recap begins at around 23:00; Topic Talk begins at around 40:45.

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