Episode 19: The Queer One ft. Queer Dating Coach Ariella Serur

Ali & Roark have wanted to do an episode focused on LGBTQIA+ dating for a while now, and Pride Month felt like the perfect time!

19. The Queer One ft. Queer Dating Coach Ariella Serur Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast

As always, they start with their updates. Ali is *accidentally* perpetrating CRIME and has an all-time phone throwing moment and Roark ran into an ex at a coffee shop.

Then, they have two amazing guest segments. First, Ariella Serur, @queerdatingcoach on Instagram, comes on the pod to have both an insightful and fun conversation. Ariella tells Ali & Roark all about her work as (you guessed it) a queer dating coach. They discuss how queer daters don’t have a “map” or “playbook” of norms like heteronormative daters do, and Ariella shares her “four quadrants” for how to meet people.

Then, Ali & Roark welcome in Roark’s friend Nicole, @nic_nak_cooks. Nicole is a gay woman dating in LA and brings wild stories from the dating front lines.

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