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Episode 18: The Grieving One

Ali & Roark have an emotional discussion this week as they tackle grief in dating.

18. The Grieving One Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast

As always, they start the episode with their own dating updates and delve into a canine-related “weird or nah.”

The conversation about grief begins at around 25:30, and given that this can be a difficult topic, they both understand if this is an episode you’d prefer to skip.

During “Topic Talk,” Ali opens up about her own personal journey since her dad’s death in 2018. She shares what it is like to talk to a new partner about it and how she’s come to understand new needs and boundaries.

Roark talks about being on the receiving end of that kind of disclosure and they both discuss how to best support those going through grief.

Mentioned This Week
  • Brene Brown: Empathy. A creative way of displaying the definition of empathy, how we tend to deal with it, and what we can do to respond better.
  • The Dinner Party. A place for people experiencing the loss of a loved one at all various stages, all get-together and have dinner over video chat.
  • Parkes & Bowlby’s Four Stages of Grief. The way Roark & I like to see grief: as a cycle that unfolds as we experience loss in our lives. Grief is not something you just “get over”!

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