Episode 16: The Not Dying Alone One ft. Logan Ury

Ali & Roark could not be more excited to have Logan Ury on the podcast this week!

16. The Not Dying Alone One ft. Logan Ury Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast

Logan is a behavioral scientist, dating coach, and author of How to Not Die Alone. Basically, Logan gives Ali & Roark a coaching session as they talk through the three common dating tendencies that may be holding people back, how to keep your standards high while optimizing your search for the traits that really matter, and how to say “f*ck the spark” and find a life partner rather than a prom date.

Before they talk to Logan, Ali & Roark catch up to discuss men who can’t seem to make a plan for a date and why Ali lost her voice. Follow Logan on Instagram @loganury and find all her information including ordering her book How to Not Die Alone at:  Timestamps: the Logan Ury interview begins at 20:21 

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