Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast
Every Monday morning, dating coach Ali is joined by her good friend Roark to bring you their positive & practical dating approach in podcast form. Ali’s expertise & Roark’s 10,000 hours in the dating trenches allow them to tackle modern dating issues while helping you seek & attract the one that you’re looking for.
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Meet Your Hosts

Ali is a 34-year-old dating coach with a positive mindset who’s been there, in the trenches, looking for her person in New York City. She’s taken her experience and turned it into personalized programming designed to help you refine what you’re looking for…and then go get it. Now, she brings that expertise to the world of podcasts alongside her good friend, Roark. Learn More or follow her on TikTok & Instagram.

Roark is a 32-year-old living in Los Angeles, California whose friends call her “such a good dater.” Though she is not a dating coach herself, she has certainly put in her 10,000 hours making her a self-made expert in the field. She and Ali met in the corporate world nearly ten years ago and have since cultivated quite the long-distance friendship. Follow along with Roark’s love of cooking on Instagram @roarks_kitchen.

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