Podcast Ask a Man

Episode 67: The Matchmaking One ft. Chi Love

Ali & Roark welcome Chi Love to the pod this week!

Podcast Communication Relationships Ask a Man

Episode 66: The First Conflict One

Ali & Roark discuss conflict this week.

Podcast Dating Apps Ask a Man

Episode 65: The First Ask a 30-Something Man One

Ali & Roark start a new series this week with their first recurring guest – Roark’s friend Matt!

Podcast Exes

Episode 64: The FMH Glossary One

Ali & Roark have a bit of a reset episode this week. Rather than cover a specific topic, they walk listeners down a dating life memory lane…


Episode 63: The Dating With Herpes One ft. Erica Spera

This week, Ali & Roark have the pleasure of welcoming comedian and podcaster Erica Spera on the podcast.

Podcast Exes Hot Topics

Episode 62: The Third Hot Topics One

This week, Ali & Roark cover listener questions in a Hot Topics episode.

Podcast Ghosting Exes

Episode 61: The Closure One ft. Abby Medcalf

She blinded us with science! Ali & Roark are joined by Dr. Abby Medcalf – a psychologist who tells them all about how the brain affects our relationships.


Episode 60: The Astrological One ft. Aliza Kelly

The stars align this week as Ali & Roark get to talk to astrologer Aliza Kelly.

Podcast Relationships

Episode 59: The First Long Distance One

It’s just Ali & Roark this week as they start a conversation about how to long-distance date.


5 Nights In Cartagena, Colombia

An itinerary based off of my girls trip to Cartagena! A great combo of relaxing, exploring, & turning up.