Hi! I’m Ali.

A dynamic dating coach with a positive mindset who’s been there, in the trenches, looking for her person. I’ve taken my experience and turned it into personalized programming designed to help you refine what you’re looking for…and then go get it.

Why should finding love be treated differently than any other major goal in our lives? We can’t expect it to fall into our laps, nor can we expect the same approach to work for everyone. That’s why my programs are personalized to you, whether you’re new to the dating scene or just need a fresh outlook. I know you’ll find one that fits you – so that you can find someone who does. Check out my programs below (I even offer free intro calls!), listen to my podcast here, or learn more about me here.

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One-on-One Coaching

Dating App Profile Reboot & Review

Want feedback on your profile? My Profile Review gives you actionable, written feedback to revamp it yourself. Looking for something more? My Dating App Profile Reboot is a more personalized process, where we will review your profile live and revamp it together! You’ll get two calls with me and come out of it with a brand new profile that I know will get you better results. This is also a great option for anyone starting a dating app profile from scratch!

“The Profile Reboot opened my eyes to things I would not have even thought about and opened doors I didn’t think I could open…who knew TikTok would improve my love life :).”

Heather, 44, Mass.

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Swipe With Me

Swipe With Me takes the next step from a Profile Reboot: putting that profile into action. You’ll share your screen with me and we’ll swipe together for 30 minutes as I talk you through what I’m seeing in profiles that you might not be. Buy it as a discounted bundle with Reboot or on its own if your profile is already ready to shine.

“Ali’s Swipe With Me program helped me see green flags I had been overlooking and red flags I had been missing. I feel so much more confident swiping on my own after doing it together.”

Elizabeth, 28, Maryland

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1:1 Coaching Sessions

Do you have a particular issue or topic you’d like to cover in a targeting coaching session? I offer 30- and 60-minute sessions where we’ll dive into whatever aspect of your dating life is most troubling you. You’ll come away with an action plan to move forward! Not sure yet? Book a free 15-minute intro call to ensure my coaching will be a good fit. No commitment necessary. You can also ask about my multi-session packages!

“Ali talked me through my feelings surrounding my pending breakup. I came away feeling prepared to have a conversation with my partner.”

Amy, 35, Los Angeles

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Ongoing Dating Coaching

I’m currently taking applications for ongoing, one-on-one dating coaching. I’ll work with you from start to finish (and beyond) – from crafting your dating app profile, to evaluating prospects, cultivating conversations, getting dates, and maintaining healthy relationships. Whatever your needs, we can craft a program to best suit you!

“Ali has helped me tremendously over the course of 6 months. She’s made me feel more confident in online dating.”

Alyssa, 29, Florida

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Keep your eye here for my upcoming workshops & courses! You can access all my recorded workshops here. These are opportunities to get my coaching in a group setting or purchase the workshop’s recording later if you weren’t able to attend live.

Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast

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47. The Second Breakup One Finding Mr. Height: The Podcast

It’s part two of Ali & Roark’s breakup series. This time they’re discussing what it’s like to be the one initiating the breakup. They start by discussing the difficulty of knowing whether your relationship problems are “normal” or “breakup worthy.” And then analyze how to end things with someone as kindly as possible – is there an ideal time, location, or mode of communication? But first, Ali gets vulnerable and shares her story of New Year’s Eve with The Rower, and Roark has her first first date back on the scene. Timestamps: Weird or Nah and Topic Talk begins at around 25:45 If you'd like to hear our personal updates before everyone else as well as other exclusive content, join The Search Party on Patreon: www.patreon.com/findingmrheight. And, if you want to send in a "weird or nah" suggestion, share your own phone throwing moment, ask a question, or have general feedback, you can do it all at www.findingmrheight.com/podcast

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